Bachata performance @ glenferrie festival with The Salsa Foundation!

Bachata performance @ glenferrie festival with The Salsa Foundation!

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The Salsa Foundation is a Salsa Dance school founded and run by some of Melbourne’s most addicted salsa dancers. Our aim is simple. Introduce as many people as possible to Salsa Dancing and get them addicted too, while raising money and awareness for various charities.

We believe anyone can learn how to dance salsa, not just the professionals and world champions in those silly glittery outfits, and definitely not just for those snobby, elitist dancers who somehow think they are better than everyone else.

Our experience has been that Salsa is a great way to get active and happy, maybe impress a special someone, and make new friends that you’ll keep forever! And now there’s no excuse; if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I’d like to try and learn how to dance salsa”, then here’s your chance!


I’m not sure what salsa looks like? Or what type of Salsa does The Salsa Foundation teach (cuban/LA/New York/Columbian)?

If you’ve never seen salsa before, you’re in for a treat. Check out our video page to see what our salsa looks like. At The Salsa Foundation: Free Beginners Salsa Classes in Melbourne, we predominantly teach “LA Salsa”.

I’ve never danced salsa (or any other style) before and I have two left feet…

Perfect! Our Free Beginners Salsa classes in Melbourne are designed to teach the absolute basics, and especially to absolute first-timers. In fact, as we like to say; “two left feet? That’s our specialty!” ;)…..We will teach you to the point where you’d feel confident enough to dance with that stranger across the room that you’ve had your eye on!

Do I need to bring a partner?

Absolutely no need to bring a partner. We try to keep the male to female ratio as even as possible (sometimes it’s very difficult!) That’s why we ask you to book if you’d like to try our free salsa class. To book, SMS 0400 933 285.

What should I wear?

For your first salsa class, we usually recommend you wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely, and flat, comfortable shoes. You can wear heels after you’ve done a few classes and are comfortable with the basic salsa steps. Boys, we promise you’ll never be asked to wear any of those silly glittery shirts or tight stretchy pants. Ugh.

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