BEST Men's Clothing For Social Dancing | Bachata Salsa Kizomba

BEST Men's Clothing For Social Dancing | Bachata Salsa Kizomba

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BEST Men’s Clothing For Social Dancing, wether it is Bachata, Salsa or Kizomba. In this video we are explaining which are the best clothing for men for social dancing. We give some great tips to improve your social dancing experience and also things to avoid.

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#1: Shoes:
Is it necessary to have dance shoes or are sneakers/normal shoes good enough?
Which are the best shoes for social dancing and what do you need to look out after?
#2: Trousers:
Which kind of pants are the best for dancing, what do you need to avoid?
#3: Tops:
Should you wear a t-shirt, a shirt, a polo? What is important?
Is wearing a watch and/or a hat a good idea when dancing?

We are Roberto & Magdalena, Bachata dancers, and our goals is to help you learn Bachata and/or improve at it. We want you to feel good about yourself when you dance and we want to teach you how to express yourself and be more confident when dancing.

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